Performance Engineered Apparel.

Founded in 1999 as a sportswear brand and still being operated by the same family, PLANETT has developed and invested heavily in to technology and machinery to become a leading supplier of retails quality ride gear and street apparel. We own the machines that brand the apparel. We are co-owners of the factory that make the apparel. With over 20 years experience and an ever evoloving range, we are the perfect partner for your shop.


A Range Unlike Any Other.

Because we design and make the gear, we can make any one of our designs in any colour or style that you want to sell. No one knows your shop better than you! No one knows what sells in your shop better than you! For this reason, we currently make our range in multiple colours for different shops so that they are not selling the same gear as the shop down the road. In fact, there is nothing worse than selling the same products and brands as the shop down the road. This forces you to compete on price which then destroys your profit margins. Our business model is unique and unlike anything else in the world. We make our apparel unique for your store so that you can get maximum return of your investment.


Support Unlike Any Other.

We know that by supporting your shop, you are able to increase your sales and return of investment in to Planett Stock. For this reason, we always put in free gear should there be room in the deliveries that we are sending to you. We hate to see boxes going out with space not filled! We are so generous that in the past year, we have given one shop a couple of thousands of dollars worth of free stock just to push the brand and fill space in the boxes. This free gear you can sell to make 100% profit or use as give aways to build loyalty with your customers. Try Us.


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